Who We Are

helping communities in our area for over 5 years.

Project Optimism is the direct response to the life experiences of each founder Both are California natives and during their own childhood they witnessed multiple individuals within their community and family fall to oppressive systematic forces. Despite their exposure, both kept in mind that there was more to life than their current options. In 2016 the founders created “Project Optimism, Inc.”, and while founded in Sacramento in 2017, the organization has since expanded to Los Angeles County. The founders see the community as a giant project. To finish this project, the community needs the skills and expertise of its members. As a result of mentorship, empowerment, and uniting community members, we may spark  OPTIMISM amongst the beneficiaries.  With this mindset, anything is possible! 


Project Optimism Inc. mission is to be the catalyst that will properly equip community members with an optimistic mindset, to be productive contributors to society.

Our Motto

Where opportunity meets change.

Our Approach

For the community to by the community.

Our values

  • Community

  • Education

  • Mentorship 

  • Leadership

  • Optimism

Meet The Founders

Ishmael Pruitt

Ishmael Pruitt

“If you can change your mind, you can change your life”

Armoni Easley

Armoni Easley

“Look at every situation in your life as an Opportunity To Grow”

- Founder & CEO

Board of Directors

Ishmael Pruitt
Armoni Easley
Briana Osbourne
Damariye Smith
Robert Ceaser

Words From The Community

Words from our students

"I valued the support and resources that Project Optimism always had available for me. As a student and aspiring entrepreneur, this program showed me the value of making real connections and having mentors with the same goals and passions as you do."

—  Ukamaka Ezimora, Student

Serving Sacramento and Los Angeles County

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