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There are many options you can choose from

We believe that if everyone does a little , nobody has to do a lot. From your time and expertise to your financial contributions in any amount, Project Optimism will always be grateful and we are certain that our community will too.

Volunteers can help us with our Youth Mentorship program, Events for a Cause, or outreach at local events.
Donate today, with the option of making a one-time donation or a monthly donation to help your community.
Each and every time you purchase our merchandise, the proceeds go towards helping those in need.
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How You Support Your Community



Together we raised money to jumpstart college saving and reduce the financial strain of families. 




We are grateful that people like you have given their time to pour into our next generation of leaders. 




 From your donations, we were able to provide a balanced meal to those experiencing homelessness.



 Even throughout transitions caused by Covid-19, we were able to pivot to educate and engage our youth.  

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Help us make a difference within our community We truly appreciate your kind gesture.

Give once to help to help those in need. Give monthly to help all year. 

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